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Modern. Such small details are the ones that really matter in the design of clothing. By this point on first viewing, the show was driving my crazy.

Theyre all pieces I donated to the. Maybe the whiteness of the exhibition is even more of an indictment of the vulgarity of what has passed for high fashion for the past however many centuries. I remember how this sculpture was displayed at the last Giacometti show in the.K., at the Royal Academy at some point in the 90s. A Man To Pets first look was carnival.

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Apart from some peoples Instagram posts, our own terrible iPhone photos, weve never really had the night documented. On its own, circled off, on the floor, as if we were witnesses to torture, degradation. The Blue Oyster Bar, Saint Petersburg, 2014. A confession: what I really wanted from the show was one of the insane quilted blankets the models dragged behind them during the show. It is a show about the vulgarity to which women have been subjected, and by which they are then judged. Its a queer rave run by Dan Beaumont, Morgan Clement and. Three sofas and a mini-fridge. His wife Annette. Eleanor, Lutz, a, 2016. How dare you talk about what is common, when all around is overt display of wealth?

From what I can recall, eroticism is never again mentioned in the show. The Vulgar, a new exhibition at the Barbican, is the most exquisite original fashion show in London for as far back as I can remember. And I wanted to look at it in more detail. The work that got me the most in the whole show was My Last Door, 1952-54.

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