Which discount code

which discount code

: m/ticket/validate/GUE Request Parameters Name Required Type Description code Required String url parameter Ticket code to validate Response In case of successful ticket will be returned along with following details: Name Type Description valid Boolean Ticket status bookingId Integer Booking. The code is working fine until two different items are added to the cart. availabilities response: "type "rental "availabilityItemId " _rental_ _ "availabilityRuleId, "latestBookingTime "T11:36:000200 "merchant_id "15873 "merchant "demo "language "en "defaultLanguage "en "activityId 66794, "activityTitle "Helen "startDate "startTime "12:00:00 "endDate "endTime "13:00:00 "timezone "Europe/Berlin "duration "PT360S "bookingNote "Checkin time 12:00 "availableSeats 100, "capacity 100, "occupancy 0, "occupancyPaid. Note: Create as many codes as needed by selecting the '. GET /activities/435 Reads a resource from the 'activities' collection. Please continue reading to get an in-depth explanation of all these requirements. Note that individual limits for each category might be applied (see categories section below) occupancy Integer Occupancy of availability (how many seats are reserved) occupancyPaid Integer Number of paid seats occupancyStatus String Available seats status. Possible options are text - single line text field textarea - multiline text field radio - group of radio buttons select - select box date - datepicker activityFields0'options' Array A list of options to select from for field types radio and select. For bulk uploading, see step.

which discount code

Name Type Description id Integer ID of the canceled addon Rebook Guest PUT/guest/id/rebook Rebooks a guest Request Parameters Name Required Type Description id Required Integer Guest ID itemId Required String Id of the item to be booked ruleId Required Integer Rule id of the item. The amount seems to vary with the number of items in the cart as soon as a second item is added. Seats Optional Integer Quantity of required seats (defaults to 1). Use of correct http verb, existing resource identified by the URL path. Datetime String The datetime of cancellation checkedIn Boolean Checked in the guest or not resources Array List of resources which are applied for this guest addons Array Array of addons applied for this guest Guest list GET/guests Requests list of Guests. To upload the file, simply select the '. Example Response: "access_token "expires_in 3600, "token_type "Bearer "scope null Authorization of requests Once you have a valid access token, you will need to use it to sign all requests made to the TrekkSoft API. Could be a part of the full title. Might be null if there's nothing to sell or no price specified fromPriceamount Float Starting price amount fromPricecurrency String Starting price currency (always matches owning merchant's default currency) navGroups Array List of Mobile Navigation Groups IDs for this activity images Array Activity's images with different. Before your payment, you can see the blank that need you fill the discount code, then put the code in, and pay for your order, so that you get the discount price for your purchase. Name Type Description id Integer ID of the canceled guest Cancel Guest Addon PUT/guest/addon/id/cancel Cancels a guest addon Request Parameters Name Required Type Description id Required Integer url parameter Guest Addon ID refundType Required String Treasurer to refund with refundFee Optional Boolean Adds fee. This is done by adding one or more of the following types to the Accept header when sending a request.

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